Fake Ice That's Just Like The Real Thing

Watch some of the videos below to see how much fun it is to have your own fake ice rink made of synthetic ice in your basement, garage or backyard.  You can also view some other Video Testimonials here, as well as some Written Testimonials here.

"Stickhandling Wizardry"

This girl has used a small ice surface to become a stickhandling wizard!

"Unlimited Basement Practice"

It's great to be able to practice anytime.

"Awesome Backyard Rink"

How cool is it to have a skating rink made of fake ice in your backyard all year round!

"Our Kids Love Your Ice"

This 6 year old hopes to be a Windsor Spitfire someday and this rink in the basement is a great start!

"All Weather Hockey"

Set up your rink outdoors and skate all year round under the sun.

Do you have a synthetic ice video to share? Send it to sales@syntheticicesolutions.com and we might just add it to our website.