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Artificial Ice Rink

Wayman Harten - Friday, August 12, 2016
An artificial ice rink can easily be built using synthetic ice that you can use all year round. Artificial ice allows you to skate on it whether it is hot or cold outside and you can place indoors and outdoors just the same. An artificial ice rink can be used for multiple purposes including training to be a hockey player, practicing figure skating movements, and simply exercising and having fun.

There are multiple types of synthetic ice sold on the market, but you want to make sure to purchase the best kind to ensure a long lasting rink for the amount of money you put out. The standard size for many suppliers is made up of 4 by 4 foot panels and for reduced seams you can get 4 by 8 foot panels.

Be sure to do your research to determine what types of artificial ice may have issues over time with buckling and gapping, taking a close look at how the panels fit together can give you a good idea. A high quality artificial ice rink will not buckle or gap and there will not be any liquid needed to get smooth movement on the ice. A well made synthetic ice rink will require no more than 15 percent more effort than real ice which is ideal for training and skating.

Select a power stride or a true lock ice rink where you can easily connect the panels together and take them apart when you don't need to use it. These panels fit easily back together when you need to use it or just want to have some fun. Place the artificial ice rink in your garage, on your patio, or wherever works best for your to practice or train. 
artificial ice rink

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